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metahuman, n: a person who is born with abilities that aren't normally considered to be possible.

We are Metas is a site created as a place for metahumans to connect, debate, and learn about their abilities. We pride ourselves on scientific accuracy and methods, as opposed to many other sites of this sort that deal with hypotheses like magic(k) and crystal power. Abilities are scientific, not spiritual.


We operate under a mostly democratic system, with admins deciding rules and such. However, any member is allowed to contribute points to any debate. They just don't get a vote in a final decision.


The story of why this site was created can be found here.


ALL NEW MEMBERS: Please read this. It's a great introduction to how our site works.


This front page blurb is still under development. Please contact me by PM or on the official discussion thread for it if you have any suggestions as to anything else that should go here.

- TechHunter16, site creator

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