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Just Eli
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Hi. So this is going to sound really weird, at least my friends think so. I can dream the future. I'm 18, and it started happening around the time I hit puberty. At first I'd have one of these "Future Dreams" once every couple of months, but now it's happening more and more, and to be honest it scares me. So I started looking into it last night and came across a bunch of wiki pages, and role playing sites but nothing that could help me understand what's going on. 

I hope this is different. 


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Bold as bric
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Hi there Just Eli

The reason no one has gotten back to you yet is because we have all moved to a new site ( http://wearemetas.org )

What you are experiencing is most likely precog. I can explain more (and we can discuss it amongst ourselves) if you make an account on the new site. I'll copy this post across once you have an account there and make you the starter of the post, so there isn't even any need to make an introduction on the new site!

Hope to see you there


-Bold, Class 3/4 active atmokinetic, Passive atmokinesis, Class 1/2 precognition, Possible chronokinesis

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