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I've been gone a while so i figured i'd reintroduce myself. I'm Destany, i'm 22, live in the united states (midwest). My abilities are dream walking, empathy and spirit talking mostly. I have a 2 year old son, Caleb. He's a meta as well, his thing in electricity and i think there's more but he just can't tell me. 

If you have any quetions, just let me know!! 


-Sperate nulli, sed teipsum-

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Bold as bric
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Not sure if you foudn it, but everyone has moved to http://occulthaven.com/, I don't remember if I got a member request from you :/


-Bold, Class 3/4 active atmokinetic, Passive atmokinesis, Class 1/2 precognition, Possible chronokinesis

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