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23 years old
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I do not know what my ability really is; it's mental though...I think. It seems I'm really lucky sometimes, like, I've been in a bunch of serious accidents and every time I walked away without a scratch on me. But I have gotten paper cuts and scraped my knees, so I'm not invincible, but for some reason I can't seem to get seriously injured. I've tried a couple times, I jumped off a cliff into the raging river over a hundred feet below. I was a little red afterwards but I was fine; I remember being on the shore shaking, then it felt like time moved forward and I was laying naked in my bathtub in hot water and I felt exhausted. I've been in a fourwheeler accident at 60 miles per hour (at least) and I walked away with a slight bump on my hip.

I'm good with animals. Like scary good. It's like i can "talk" to them but not really, it's more like I form an immediate bond of some kind and they feel it too; same thing with babies. I feel pretty drained most of the time; like my abilities wear me out and sap my energy, I'm always cold and pale, I sort of look like a meth head but I'm not lol. My senses are pretty sesnitive and sometimes I need sunglasses otherwise I get migraines.

Something else that's kinda weird...people stare at me? Like, I'll just be sitting in a diner enjoying a cheese burger, and I'll feel like someone staring at me and I look to see, and sure enough somebody's staring at me, so I look away then check again and they're still staring at me. This has happened with TONS of people and it sort of creeps me out and makes me feel nasty. Violated, like I'm being watched or something.

I have some emotiopnal issues, primarily depression, some doctors have called it "Psychotic Depression" I dont see the difference though, I'm still depressed most of the time.

I'm a little psychic, usually I can sense when something's about to happen. Like at the movies, I hardly ever jump on the scary parts because I could feel it about to happen but everybody else jumps. Or when a friend is playing a joke on me and flinches at me to make me flinch; I don't flinch, and he even told me it sort of creeps him out; like I'm in another world or something.

Which brings me to my next point....sometimes I don't really feel "human". I'm not sure why though, I bleed, I laugh, I cry, I'm "human" I just don't feel like it sometimes.

I'm pretty athletic. Not like in a super way though; I was always the fastest strongest kid in school before I told them fuck you and dropped out. I rarely get sick, and when I do I usually kick it the first day whereas most people tale a lot longer to heal. Same with other injuries, I'll get a cut or something then a day and a half later it's gone.

I can sort of "feel" people,and they seem to know it too; random people will just start telling me their problems, and I'll give them advice and they do it and their problem gets solved. If I had a nickel man, for every time that's happened I would be disgustingly rich, lol. All of a sudden I think my current career was a poor choice haha, (I'm a Janitor).

And that's about it. I don't really know what my ability is, but weird things have been happening for a while now and I'd like some answers and I hope I can find them here.

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