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Hey, I'm Nighthawk.

im atmokinetic, probably around the class 3 ish range, not terribly strong, but not weak either. It sometimes takes almost no effort and happens without me really trying, other times I can will it to happen, like by focusing and using my many techniques. 

I'm also to some degree prognitive, I can't make it happen, I'll just get a random flicker or vision here and there. Once or twice in a dream, but very rarely. Sometimes I'll get a flash right before the event, other times I'll get it, and sometime jurying the day it will happen. Like I'll be daydreaming and get a random image in my mind, and then later on I'll see exactly what I had seen earlier. Sometimes I'll even see a little scene play out, nothing big, just a small action happening, and then I'll later see it exactly. 

I also think I'm possibly a Locator. I've used it on many occasions. I'll be looking for something or someone, and I focus in on them or the item, and sometimes I'll get a pull in a direction, and what I was looking for was usually in the direction I felt. It's not very strong, I've only used it on small things within my house, and I think it works to a limited range. Although one time I knew the general area someone lived in that I had never met before. I just got a feeling and an automatic pull, and I was right.

I think I'm also Clairsentience. I get extremely strong gut feelings, and I just have an overall sense of knowing and feeling, without anything really giving me hints or anything. It's hard to explain, but I just get a feeling, and I know. I don't know if it's the same as intuition, but I have extremely strong intuition as well. I trust in my gut and the feelings I get. It's all I can really describe. It's just an overall feeling throughout my being, and I guess it tells me things? Hard to explain.

this is just a term I read, but describes me well as well. I'm unsure of the actual term though, if it is an ability or just a normal human thing, anyways:

i found this term on 'The Meta Experience'. 

'Empathetic Awareness'. It's being able to sense things like change in temperature, electrical, hostile environments, physical and mental threats, and others of the same area. It sounds to me like something any human could do, but it's listed under abilities, and it's something I can do, so I thought I'd mention it here. 

Dont know if I'm actually empathetic though.

anyways, those are my abilities. If you have any questions I'm always open to chat :)

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Reply Virtuoso M.P.
10:21 PM on December 14, 2013 
Welcome. If you need any empathy help, you can pm me. I'm kinda new to this site, but I know my way around my empathy.

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